Video Chat Takeout Orders for Foodservice

Engaging customers face-to-face, virtually…

This is a proof of concept, and a theoretical solution using freely available technology, that addresses the question “How can I, as a restaurant, video chat with my customers to take their order?”

In this video Dennis CMO Luke LaBree, shows how Zoom could be used as a platform for taking customer orders by video chatting with them.

How does it work? Aside from all the technical things that could complicate real-world use, it’s actually quite simple…

    1. Sign up for Zoom and create a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) which your restaurant would use consistently – like a phone number.
    2. Start a Zoom “meeting” and leave it running everyday while your restaurant is open.
    3. Customers use the free Zoom app on their device to “call” your PMI and place an order.
If you’re ready to try something completely outside the norm for foodservice, but inline with public sentiment during the coronavirus outbreak, this is it!