mckenzie gobbler turkey and sandwich

New Products 11/29/17

This week we’ve added 13 new items to our inventory including a spicy new international item from Minors. Two new dessert items you’ll need to get before they’re gone. Mini Assorted Danishes from a true french bakery. Petite red and green lettuce. Cheese from a Maine manufacturer. In poultry we’ve added spicy whole grain chicken patties, and premium ABF “Thanksgiving Gobbler” turkey. In seafood we’ve added 3 portion sizes of IQF haddock fillets. Lastly, in non-foods from RDA Advantage clear linear can liners.

kettle chips

New Products 8/30/17

This week 2 new items have been added to our inventory. First, in non-foods, we’ve added new slimjim trashcan liners from Fortune Plastics. In snacks we’ve added variety packs of Kettle Cooked potato chips from Frito Lay. These variety packs contain 1.5oz bags of the following flavors: Jalapeno, Original, Salt and Vinegar and BBQ.

richs whipped cream

New Products 3/30/17

New this week, 9″ foil pie liners from HFA, Rich’s Non-Dairy Whipped Topping, and new 15×17 folded dinner napkins Hoffmaster.

haddock fish cake

New Products 3/23/17

This week we’ve added to our inventory 8/12 Haddock in 2 10lb tubs, roasting pan liners and fragrance free hand soap.