Specialty Hams for Restaurants & Foodservice

Savory and flavorful, the right ham can add wow-factor to holiday menus, special occasions and signature dishes.

Dennis Paper & Food Service stocks a wide assortment of hams, making it easy to bring the premium quality and irresistible flavor ham lovers desire to your menu. Our hams are available in a variety of sizes and options, including bone-in and boneless, so you can select just the right fit for your operation.

Looking for more options? Be sure to ask you Account Executive for additional suggestions.


Video: Holiday Hams with Smithfield Culinary


Description Item #
Farmland Steamship Ham #19365
Farmland Virginia Baked Ham #72956
Farmland Gold Medal Buffet Ham #72959
Farmland Silver Label Pitt Ham #72963
Farmland Applewood Smoked Ham (Boneless) #7021
Farmland Silver Medal Buffet Ham (Flat, Water Added) #72968
Farmland Carving Pitt Ham (Water Added) #1241
Farmland Bronze Medal Buffet Ham (Flat, Water Added) #5451
Farmland Bolo Style Cooked Ham #72961
Hormel Cure 81 Bone-In Spiral 1/2 Ham #2195
Hormel Old Smokehouse Carving Pitt Ham #72992
Hormel Old Tyme Buffet Ham #72918
Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham #72916
Kayem Mellogold Traditional Bone-In Smoked Ham #16332