Wholesale Microwave Safe & Oven Safe Containers for Foodservice

With growing demand for to-go and curbside options, the rise of 3rd party delivery services and a transitioning food industry – the business of takeout is big.

Chances are your customers want to enjoy your delicious food HOT. With that in mind, make sure you’re sending prepared meals out the door in microwave safe and ovenable takeout packaging.

This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to food packaging options available from Dennis! Our Account Executives will help you find the perfect takeout products for your business.

Item # Description Micro-Safe Ovenable
11215 Anchor 10oz Black Poly Bowl (Lid #11216) Yes
11217 Anchor 16oz Black Poly Bowl (Lid #8228) Yes
2209 Anchor 16oz Rect Black Poly (Lid #2231) Yes
24203 Pactiv Clear/Black Vented Chicken Roaster & Lid Yes
17090 Fabri-Kal 4oz Sidekick (Lid #17096) *SPO Yes
17092 Fabri-Kal 6oz Sidekick (Lid #17096) *SPO Yes
17094 Fabri-Kal 8oz Sidekick (Lid #17096) Yes
25194 Anchor 9×9×3 1C Hinged Container Yes
25192 Anchor 9×9×3 3C Hinged Container Yes
25196 Anchor 10.5×9.5×3 Hinged Container Yes
25197 Anchor 6×6×3 Hinged Container Yes
25199 Anchor 9×6×3 Hinged Container Yes
6340 Genpak 24oz Rect, Black (Lid #1911) Yes
24049 Greenware Hinged Fiber Container 6×6×3 [info] Yes 300F
24047 Greenware Hinged Fiber Container 9×6×3 [info] Yes 300F
24045 Greenware Hinged Fiber Container 9×9×3 1C [info] Yes 300F
24043 Greenware Hinged Fiber Container 9×9×3 3C [info] Yes 300F
14352 HFA 22oz Black-Gold & Lid Yes Yes
14408 HFA 22oz Silver & Lid Yes Yes
1474 Newspring 16oz Round, Clear Poly & Lid Yes
6805 Newspring 8oz Clear & Lid Yes
6290 Octaview 47oz Hinged, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes
2271 TriPack 26oz Rect, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes
4853 TriPack 24oz Round, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes
4854 TriPack 38-42oz Round, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes
6081 Versatainer 38oz Rect, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes
6714 Versatainer 16oz Rect, Black Base & Clear Lid Yes

There’s dozens more where these came from! Ask your Account Executive for more suggestions!

Finding the right eco-friendly products for your operation starts with understanding your options.

Considering greener products for the first time? it’s helpful to be aware of how these products can be mindfully disposed of to reduce your operation’s, and your customer’s, impact on the planet. Are you looking for packaging that can be reused again and again? Products that can be recycled after they’re used? Or, single-use disposable product that are compostable?

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