Dessert of the Month


Chef Pierre’s
Southern Pecan Pie

A 36oz, pre-baked pie with a naturally sweet filling topped wall-to-wall with delicious pecan halves!

Chef Pierre’s Southern Pecan Pie. A highlight of any season. Open face pies are made with only quality ingredients and are available in all the season’s classic favorites. Topped with fancy grade pecan halves and quarters. Rich pecan flavor and premium appearance.

Pre-baked to reduce prep time, save labor and eliminate the waste and inconsistency that comes from under/over baking. Simply thaw at room temp for 2 hours or under refrigeration for 4 hours.

Shrink wrapped with an easy tear strip protects pies from breakage during transit.

0g trans fat without compromising taste.

Southern Pecan Pre-Baked Pie

Dessert of the Month
Limited quantities available. First come, first served.
*Next month’s dessert is not available until previous month’s supply has been depleted.