Wholesale Foodservice Pork Products

Discussed, shared and liked at twice the rate of other meats, bacon is the most popular meat on social media.

No single protein generates more excitement and conversation than pork. Yes, “the other white meat” is far from an afterthought in consumers minds – it’s front and center. Just as popular pork products help drive traffic on social media, the right pork products on your menu will drive business.

Whether it’s working behind the scenes to get first access to new items like Shoulder Cut Bacon, or to secure the most consistent pricing on lean and tender loins, we’ve got your pork menu offerings covered with the highest quality products.

Our selection of fresh and frozen pork products includes bacon, sausage, boxed pork, plain and marinated ribs, roasts, steaks, hams, pork chops, and other specialty pork products such as breakfast items like diced ham and Canadian bacon as well as formed, ground, chopped, and breaded pork portions

We inventory a full line of high quality pork options to meet the many different needs of restaurants and foodservice operations throughout New England.

Our fantastic selection of pork offerings from national brands like Hormel, IBP and Smithfield Farmland give our customers access to the very best in fresh, frozen, cured and specialty pork products, from fresh boxed pork to the latest Apple Cider Cured and Pecan Wood smoked bacons.

Do you cater to a health conscious clientele? Do you want to feature more healthy menu choices?

Consumers don’t often think of pork as being a lean protein, but it is! There are seven cuts of pork – from tenderloin to a ribeye pork chop – that meet the USDA guidelines for lean. In fact, pork tenderloin is just as lean as a skinless chicken breast, and many cuts of pork from the loin are leaner than a skinless chicken thigh.

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