Wholesale Versa Oils & Shortening for Foodservice

One brand, endless solutions.

It’s all in the name – Versa delivers outstanding versatility, quality and value for all your oil and shortening needs.

Because taste drives your menu, and your menu drives your reputation, you know you can count on the superior quality, variety and purity of the Versa brand.

Born of exceptional quality and value through partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, the versatility of the Versa Brand has you covered: from commodity to premium oils.

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More Versa Products

Cooking Sprays

All Versa cooking sprays, oils and shortenings are trans-fat free (TFF, ZTF) and are low in saturated fat for increased dietary health.

Cooking and Seasoning Spray Butter Flavor 24545
Food Release All Purpose Water-Base Pan Spray 24549
Multi-Purpose Soybean Cooking Spray 24547

Cooking Oils

Versa oils and shortening products promise to fulfill your food preparation needs while exceeding your expectations for product purity, exceptional taste and unparalleled performance.

Oil Frying Soybean Blend High Oleic Plenish & Traditional Soy 21101
Oil Salad Soybean Liquid 21117
Shortening Frying Soybean Creamy Liquid 21113
Soybean Frying Oil Clear Liquid 21109
All Purpose Shortening 21125
Peanut Frying Oil Clear Liquid 21107
Canola Frying Oil Clear Liquid 21105

Available in Three Quality Tiers
Versa understands that the type of operation dictates oil choices. After all, your business and recipes are unique and your choice of cooking medium can make the difference.

Versa Cooking Sprays Versa Premier – The choice of chefs when cost savings provided by extended fry life and great taste matters. With characteristics like high oxidative stability, reduced polymer buildup on equipment, lower saturated fats, minimal color darkening, neutral flavor profile and flavor transfer resistance, you can see why chefs reach for Versa Premier.

Versa Merit – When consistent quality and performance is demanded, these high-heat oils deliver. With a lineup that includes heart-healthy peanut oil, high in healthier monounsaturated content and choice frying qualities, you can see the advantage of Versa Merit.

Versa Essentials – Your everyday solution to fuel the demands of an active kitchen. These all-purpose oils and shortenings provide the economic value to achieve your food preparation needs, making them a good option
for everyday cooking.