Wholesale Produce for Chefs

Intrigue taste buds and set your menu apart with these distinctive fresh produce offerings.

potatoes in white crock
Each year an increasing number of hungry diners look to your menus for fresh and trendy seasonal ingredients. Keeping their interests peeked when it comes to menu design and product offerings is vital to your operation.

For this reason Chef Tim, and Carl (our seasoned produce manger) have developed an ever-changing lineup of chef-inspired fresh produce. Chef’s Produce Picks will offer a variety of both stocked and specialty produce selected for flavor, trend appeal and seasonality.

Locally Grown & Currently In-Stock
26076 Red Potatoes, Size A, 1/50 lb
26117 Chef Potatoes, 1/50 lb
26110 Medium Green Peppers, 1/BU
26112 Jumbo Green Peppers, 1/BU
26080 Green Cabbage, 1/50 lb
24087 3 Count Green Cabbage, 1/3 CT
5646 McIntosh Apples, 1/125 CT
7769 Whole Beets, No top, 1/25 lb
26339 Butternut Squash, 1/40 lb
When to Place Specialty Produce Orders

Please order by 3:00 PM

Monday for Wednesday
Tuesday for Thursday
Wednesday for Friday
Thursday for Monday
Friday for Tuesday