Culinary Lites® Foodservice Containers from Anchor

Culinary Lites® Hinged Takeout Containers

9x9x3 Hinged 3-Compartment #25195

Culinary Lites® hinged containers from Anchor Packaging offer increased value and affordable alternatives to foam and paper clamshells. Will withstand temperatures to 210°F under heat lamps, in warming units and microwaves. The clear, anti-fog lid is vented to allow steam to dissipate, keeping food looking fresh and appealing while eliminating order errors. Stacking will not block the vents to preserve the texture of the food and the positive stack maintains the food presentation during transport. Secure snap closure ensures freshness and eliminates messy spills. Offset tabs make it easy to open and reclose. The durable, cut-resistant polypropylene allows your customers to eat right out of the container.

  • Antifog lids for superior product visualization
  • Premium look that a black container offers
  • Microwave safe
  • Convenience of a hinged container
  • Ability to vent the lid if needed
  • Stackable
25194 Hinged 1-Compartment Container 9X9X3 100 CT
25195 Hinged 3-Compartment Container 9X9X3 100 CT
25196 Hinged 1-Compartment Container 10X9.5X3.25 100 CT
25199 Hinged 1-Compartment Container 9X6X3 100 CT

Culinary Basics

Culinary Basics will withstand temperatures up to 230°F when used under heat lamps, in warming units, and microwaves. The clear lid is designed with anti-fog technology, and is vented to allow steam to dissipate, preserving the texture while keeping the food visible assuring order accuracy. Stacking will not block the vents. Secure snap closure ensures freshness, and eliminates spills when transporting. The tear-away “convertible lid” provides a table-ready presentation that allows your customers to eat right out of the black cut-resistant polypropylene base.

25197 Hinged 1-Compartment Container 6X6X3 420 CT