Getting Ready to REOPEN

Whether you stayed open for curbside service or you’re eager to reopen – we’re ready to help you navigate your way back to normal.

We’ve all been impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Our team has stood beside restaurants, consulted with experts and delivered the products, information and advice our customers needed. With reopening on the horizon we’re here to help you focus on serving, offering and delivering the very best meals and choices to your customers.



Are all Maine businesses required to comply with “Checklists” in order to open?
Yes. Businesses included in the plan to Restart Maine’s Economy must commit to complying with a “Checklist” for their sector posted on the Department of Economic Development (DECD) website to open…

Do businesses have to post a badge in order to open?
No. The badge is a tool that businesses may use to instill confidence in consumers that the business has adopted appropriate safety practices.

Why allow rural businesses to reopen earlier?
Twelve largely rural counties in Maine have not experienced community transition.


Restarting Maine’s Economy, Outline & Stages
The staged approach will allow Maine businesses to safely open and stay open by following reasonable, practical guidelines to ensure the safety of employees and customers. CLICK HERE

NH Economic Re-Opening Task Force
The Governor’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force, which will develop a plan and oversee the state and private-sector actions needed to reopen businesses. CLICK HERE


Disposable gloves have long been an important part of foodservice. Now more than ever gloves provide a perception of safety and cleanliness about your operation, in addition to their traditional sanitary function. We stock a wide variety of disposable gloves; below are a few recommendations for some of the best performing and visually appealing gloves available.

Black Nitrile 21775/21777/21779/21781
Trans Nitrile 22768/22770/22772/22774
Blue Nitrile 23266/23268/23270/23308
White Nitrile 7423 / 7424

Nitrile Gloves in the Chef’s Pantry


Like gloves, in addition to their traditional sanitary function, masks provide a perception of following recommended safety precautions. Maintaining an inventory of masks in the current climate is a challange, but our team is working hard to ensure we have them available for you. Below are a few of our options, but be sure to check with your AE as availability is flucuating daily.

Blue, 3-Ply, 50ct 25171
Blue, 3-Ply, 50ct 25216
Blue, 3 Ply, 50ct 25129


We have a number of items available for instant hand sanitation, for use in new or existing dispensers. Be sure to check with your AE as availability fluctuates with sanitizer products.

Insta-San Foaming Hand Sanitizer 2795
Insta-San dispensers 12175 or12177
Enmotion Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers 19439
Enmotion Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 19241
Purell Hand Sanitizer Refill 25138 for Dispenser 13397


These sanitizing solutions come in ready-to-use 32oz bottles and are made for any establishment that needs to frequently control surface cross contamination. Simply spray, wait and wipe for disinfected surfaces. These products are scented, and deodorizing, adding to the public’s awareness of your clean establishment.

Dynasol, Surface Disinfectant 25114
Maxim, Surface Disinfectant 25139

More About Chemical & Cleaning Products


Bleach cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, sanitizes and kills germs. It is a widely recognized, highly effective and versatile cleaning product.

Clorox, Concentrated Bleach 8.25% 9059
Majestic, Bleach 6% 8061


Eco-conscious customers appreciate this reliable performance tissue that consistently exceeds EPA guidelines for recycled fiber content. Consumers give this tissue high marks for its softness, quick absorbency, durability and thickness.

Angel Soft, Wrapped Toilet Tissue 9730


Give your delivery customers peace of mind with labels that have special cuts that will break if tampered. Designed to adhere to a variety of packaging – paper, plastic, foil, foam – these labels have aggressive adhesive to be tamper evident but easily opened by the customer.

SecureIt, 1″x3″ Tamper Evident Labels 25192
SecureIt, 1″x7″ Tamper Evident Labels 25204

SecureIt Tamper Evident Labels


Clear, vented lids maintain the texture of prepared foods. Attractive black bases offer increased perceived value and affordable alternative to foam and paper clamshells. Withstands temperatures to 210°F under heat lamps, in warming units and in the microwave. No need to transfer food to a plate to heat.

Anchor, 1C 9×9×3 Hinged Takeout Container 25194
Anchor, 3C 9×9×3 Hinged Takeout Container 25192
Anchor, 10.5×9.5×3 Hinged Takeout Container 25196
Anchor, 6×6×3 Hinged Takeout Container 25197
Anchor, 9×6×3 Hinged Takeout Container 25199

Microwaveable & Ovenable Takeout Containers


An increased demand in takeout food, and strict sanitary measures, mean more need for individually pieced food items. Single use, wrapped and portioned products help operators keep food transportation safe and convenient while providing all the accouterments of a dine-in meal. Ask your Account Executive for recommendations on individual use items for your operation.

Cutlery. Napkins and wipes. Portion cups and packaging. Salt and Pepper. Butter and margarine. Jams and jellies. Condiments such as ketchup, mayo and barbecue sauce as well as premium sauces from Sweet Baby Rays and Ken’s salad dressings. Shaker cheese packets and cream cheese. Crackers and croutons. Cereals. Fruits. Coffee service and more.

Don’t forget about dessert! We stock a delicious variety of individually packaged premium desserts.

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