Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Case Study

Domino’s has managed to pull off a huge turnaround by using innovative marketing strategies that fused traditional advertising, social media, and public relations. Domino’s has been opening hundreds of new locations and profits are soaring. Morgan Stanley recently named it the “leader in US delivery pizza.” But just a few years ago, Domino’s was struggling to compete with Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. Executives made some crucial changes that turned around business…

Episode 19 – New Products, Glaze can Amaze, Tomato Butter, Claim your Business, and Beefy Opportunities!

In this week’s episode we revisit the conversation on dressing-up your dishes for extra appeal. Riding that good-flavors vibe we’ve got a recipe for Tomato Butter to share with you. We cover an important business-capturing strategy that you should be doing online. And we’ve got some fantastic beef purchasing opportunities coming that you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of while you can.

Episode 18 – 12 New Products, New England Produce News, Veggie Perceptions, There’s Coffee in the Cocktails, and More!

In this weeks episode of Dennis Knows Food we focus some of the spotlight on New England, with 3 of our 12 latest inventory additions coming from right here in Maine. We’re also putting some emphasis on produce, with Chris Webster, one of our Dennis Account Executives joining us for a discussion on “veggie perceptions.” Heating up alcohol sales with cold brew coffee and more!

Episode 17 – Routines, Marrow as a Condiment, It’s Test-Kitchen Time, New Products and More!

Here we are with another Thursday edition of our Podcast which is a day later than our usual Wednesday schedule. This made me reflect on how, even with schedules and planning, the unexpected can cause a hiccup in our regular routines. We have 8 new items to share with you that were just added to our inventory. We revisit the discussion on burgers from last week’s episode with an interesting condiment, and everyone is looking forward to getting into our new Test Kitchen and Learning center. That and more in this episode of Dennis Knows Food.

Episode 16 – New Products, Signature Burgers and the Popularity of Pork!

Our podcast is protein packed this week as we put the spotlight on creating new opportunities and dishes for your menu. Burgers are big and getting bigger, we discuss the customer-keeping-power of crafting unique signature burgers. The record breaking popularity of bacon means customers are hungry for more pork menu options.

Calavo: Fresh Halved Avocados

Whether you’re a small or large foodservice operator, Calavo avocado halves will fit your avocado needs perfectly. Fresh refrigerated avocado halves save you time when having to prep whole avocados. Pound for pound the cost savings, without sacrifice of flavor or value, will increase your bottom line.

Introducing the Date Code Genie

Date Code Genie is the automated food labeling system developed by NCCO, a company who understands the changing trends in the foodservice market and builds solutions to meet new needs.

Maintain a Clean and Sanitary Restaurant Kitchen

To reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, maintaining a clean and sanitary restaurant kitchen is imperative. Cleaning removes food and other dirt from surfaces, which can help sanitizers work more effectively.

Improving Sales and Guest Satisfaction Starts on the Tabletop

Taking a close look at what your tabletop choices say about your establishment can help you grow sales, improve guest satisfaction and increase repeat traffic. When you’re looking for ways to optimize your guests’ dining experience, start at the table and work your way out.

UniPro Marquis Condensed Soups

UniPro Marquis Condensed Soups are top-quality, shelf-stable soups with no added MSG and no high-fructose corn syrup. Full-flavored while maintaining lower sodium than national leading brands, UniPro Marquis Condensed Soups offer kitchens peace of mind with their batch-to- batch consistency.

Episode 14 – A Fish Story, New Products, Social Media, UniPro Soups and More

In this episode of Dennis Knows Food I’ve got a fishing/cooking story to share with you. Also in this episode we talk about the latest items added to our inventory, discuss new soups from UniPro, spend a few minutes highlighting the value of utilizing your expertise, and more! We’ve also got an update on our expansion… Spoiler alert! It’s nearly complete!

Stubborn Soda

IT’S GOOD TO BE STUBBORN. STUBBORN SODA® is the next generation of carbonated soft drinks!

NESCAFÉ Cold Brew Coffee

With NESCAFÉ Cold Brew Coffee you can round out your coffee program and attract more customers with a consistent, efficient solution that’s ready when you are.

Major Products, Major Flavor

Whether you’re looking for a liquid, powder or paste, our product portfolio offers a comprehensive range of outstanding stock bases, marinades, glaces, gravies and sauces. We only use the finest ingredients to deliver exceptional flavours with an authentic taste and aroma. Taste the difference… With an innovative team and state of the art manufacturing facilities, […]

New Item: 3-5oz IQF Tilapia Fillets

Tilapia is a versatile fish that’s a perfect canvas for a variety of sauces and seasonings. The firm texture and mild flavor of tilapia make it ideal for a variety of cooking methods.

Recipe: Adobo Pork Taco

A delicious recipe idea featuring pork shoulder is rubbed with Mexican spices, browned, and braised in crushed tomatoes, vinegar, peppers and onions.

Easy Ways to Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

From organic menu offerings to unique promotions, make sure you are clearly communicating what sets your restaurant apart in your marketing initiatives. After all, the right marketing efforts can help drive traffic to your establishment and boost sales.

Lunch is Growing in Pizza

Pizza consumption is at its highest level in four years—due in some part to the growth of more mature, dine-in consumers at fast casual and full-service pizzerias. Putting Pizza in a position to grab a bigger portion of the growing and ever-more competitive lunch segment

Mann’s Better Burger Leaf

Sweet like green leaf. Crunchy like iceberg. A perfect round leaf for burgers, sandwiches and lettuce wraps. These fresh, sweet leaves have the crunchy texture of iceberg lettuce with upscale, frilly appearance of green leaf.

Episode 2 of the ‘Dennis Knows Food’ Podcast

In this second episode we have a ‘protein’ highlight in our new products arrivals, we visit with a WWII veteran, discuss the impact of “fake news” in the food industry. We also dive into some of the great new resources we’re making available, and where to access them.

Market Cut Shoulder Bacon

New from Hormel Foods | Item# 16283 Pecanwood smoked shoulder bacon. Cut from the pork shoulder, this bacon uses the Coppa muscle, the premium, well-marbled, heart of the pork shoulder. We then add our exceptional cure ingredients and slow smoke it over 100% Pecanwood chips. Add more “craveability” to your menu with this remarkably tender, […]

NEW Deep Fried Twinkies

While many restaurants are catering to guests hoping to drop a few pounds in the new year, McCain Foods is betting that others won’t forget about the customer wanting to indulge a sweet tooth. The company has partnered with Hostess to make Deep Fried Twinkies — a treat once reserved for state fairs —  available […]

Try chili in a bread bowl!

5 Reasons why chili is better in a bread bowl! Shared by our employees. The #HardyHarHar Response goes to “Because its better than using your hands!” What else would be delicious served in a bread bowl?

A look at a few trends that we will be seeing more of in the coming year.

From transparency to fried chicken, many of the popular food trends of 2016 will carry into 2017, either evolving or merging with new trends. Here, we take a look at a few trends that we will be seeing more of in the coming year. Transparency Continues to Drive Demand Consumers are demanding that food manufacturers […]

Five of the Most Common Restaurant Menu Mistakes

It’s hard to deny: Americans love dining out. According to a 2013 Dining Trend’s Survey, 47% of Americans’ meals are prepared outside of the home (58% if you live in New York City). This is great news for restaurant owners and operators, and restaurant industry growth is projected to continue to rise. As more and more […]

25 Seriously Smart Menu Moves

Menu items have to work hard for a living. They must fit with the concept. Sound and taste good. Make money, of course. And fall within the skill set and resources of the kitchen. The best menu items also have a certain extra something — an “x-factor” if you will. Maybe they cross-utilize a banner […]

No More Than 6 Teaspoons of Added Sugars a Day for Kids

New guidelines aim to help improve children’s overall diet, health Children and teens should consume less than six teaspoons of added sugars a day, a new American Heart Association statement advises. “Our target recommendation is the same for all children between the ages of 2 and 18, to keep it simple for parents and public […]

3 Ways to Increase Lunch Traffic

Looking to drive up guest counts at lunch? So were these chefs. Here’s how they’re doing it. People are busy in the middle of the day. How do you get them to consider lunch away from their desks and away from quick-serve counters? To help answer that question, we tapped three talented chefs, who not […]

FDA issued two notices regarding the Food Safety Modernization Act

FDA Extends Certain FSMA Compliance Dates; Issues Draft Guidance The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is moving forward with implementing the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, with the first major compliance dates beginning next month for large food facilities. While the major provisions of the FSMA rules are being implemented as planned, the FDA […]

Bring Food to the Happy Hour Tab

While happy hour was born on the drink menu, it has found its new home on the food menu. According to a 2014 report from Technomic, 61% of consumers say that the type of food available is an important factor that determines where to go for happy hour, and 55% say that the food specials […]

10 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

On average, 1.8 billion dollars are spent per day at restaurants in the U.S. Of these, 60 percent fail or change ownership within the first 3 years. There’s money to be made in the restaurant industry but many owners overlook a few key aspects that could turn their losses into gains. Check out these 10 […]

How to Prepare for New Federal Overtime Rules

The Department of Labor rules don’t go into effect until Dec. 1. Now is a good time to start planning. Restaurant operators across the country should be taking a hard look at their overtime-exempt staff in preparation for new federal rules scheduled to go into effect Dec. 1. The U.S. Department of Labor in May […]