Episode 26 – Five Ways to Boost Fall Sales, Calamari, Tarator Sauce and New Products

In episode 26 of our podcast we’ll be discussing five ways to boost fall sales. Autumn is a favorite time of year for many folks, and it’s an ideal time to adjust your menu to capture new sales opportunities. We’re also going to talk calamari, you’ll find out where the name came from, how it’s eaten around the world and learn about a sauce that pairs perfectly with it. The sauce we’re talking about is “tarator,” not to be confused with tartar sauce. And on a humorous note we’ve got a short punny story to share with you.

Honey Sriracha Cheese Sticks

Give guests the sweet heat they crave in a way they’ll love. These new sweet and spicy cheese sticks make a surprising addition to appetizers, sides and shareables menus.

Recipe: Smoked Pork Belly Sliders

Packed with bold contrasting flavors, these pork belly sliders bring a new level of “foodie” to any menu. Perfect alone as an appetizer, or as an entree try pairing with McCain IncrediCrisp french fries.

Social Media Becomes #1 Form of Restaurant Marketing

Eighty-two percent of restaurants in the United States devote at least part of their marketing budgets today to social media, making it the most popular channel, according to new research from TripAdvisor, the online travel guide.

Perfect Pairings Drive Profits

Two tastes are better than one. Suggesting food and beverage pairings can satisfy the 60% of consumers who are interested in pairings when dining out. The right pairings not only present ample opportunity to boost guest satisfaction, they can help grow checks as well: when guests order an entrée, appetizer and alcoholic beverage for dinner, checks are nearly 47% higher than average!

Spicy Battered Pickle Fries

You’ll be anything but in a pickle with new Anchor Spicy Pickle Fries on your menu! Crispy, tangy thin-cut dill pickle fries lightly coated in a premium cornmeal and spicy mustard batter bring major back-of-house appeal. Watch them fly off the menu as heat-seeking guests order them for snacks, appetizers, premium sides and more!

Episode 24 – Consumer Impact on Menu Development, Flat Iron Steaks and New Products

In this weeks podcast we’re focusing on growing your takeout business. I met an individual earlier in the week who shared with me some tips he’d written for restaurants looking to “ramp up” their takeout business, those tips are at the heart of this week’s episode. Hungry? How about digging into the world’s largest Creme Brûlée? This week’s foodie fact – What was the estimated calorie count for the world’s largest Creme Brûlée?

Beef Cuts for Foodservice

Created by the national Beef Checkoff council, see all the various cuts of beef, where they come from and their different characteristics in this handy guide. Available to download as a high resolution Jpeg or print-ready PDF.

Recipe: Flat Iron Steak with Peanut Sauce

Create a delicious entrée that will leave your guests asking for seconds and thirds. Tender-crisp veggies and peanut sauce give this dish a classic Asian flavor with plenty of room left to customize using just the right level of spice. Experiment with different noodle options for a unique texture and presentation.

Episode 23 – New Products, Creme Brûlée and Tactics for Takeout

In this weeks podcast we’re focusing on growing your takeout business. I met an individual earlier in the week who shared with me some tips he’d written for restaurants looking to “ramp up” their takeout business, those tips are at the heart of this week’s episode. Hungry? How about digging into the world’s largest Creme Brûlée? This week’s foodie fact – What was the estimated calorie count for the world’s largest Creme Brûlée?

7 Tactics for Takeout Sales Growth

Developing a strong takeout program – from products, to packaging to employee training is an effective way to generate additional profit. Here are 7 surefire ways to boost your sales and profits by increasing focus on your takeout business.

Angus Pub Burger on Brioche

This Angus Pub Burger on Brioche is a refreshing twist on an American Cheeseburger. The brioche, Swiss cheese and mushrooms give this burger a rich savory flavor that perfectly compliments the garlic, mayo, and Worcestershire sauce.

Episode 22 – National French Fry Day, Coffee Health Benefits, Cold Brew Profits, and New Products!

In this weeks episode we’re talking coffee, with recent news on the health benefits of coffee giving frequent consumers reason to celebrate. Plus, there’s hot news for cold brew, the math is in and there’s opportunity and profit with this on-trend coffee item. We’ve also got fries, and every imaginable type of potato product! The team at Dennis is ready to find just the right one to your business needs! So, grab your ketchup and dive into episode 22 of Dennis Knows Food.

National French Fry Day

At Dennis Paper & Food Service we carry every type of French fry, and fry-able potato product imaginable. Everything from classic skin on steak fries to sweet potato fries. With options for batter, clear coat, chopped and formed, extra long and fancy and more! Ask your Account Executive for more information on the over 60 SKUs of French fries and potato products we have available.

Supplier Profiles: McCain Foodservice

In its first year of production, the processing plant at McCain was able to process 1,500 lbs. of potato products every hour. With only 30 employees, in its first year the company was able to gross more than $150,000 in sales. Today, McCain Foods has more than 20,000 employees with 51 production facilities on six continents. It sells one in three of the world’s frozen french fries in more than 160 countries.

Recipe: Spicy Ribeyes with Ginger-Orange Grilled Carrots

Bone-in ribeyes make for an excellent plated presentation, with an even more incredible flavor. Satisfy hungry patrons with this hearty dish complimented by fresh and flavorful carrots! Serve beautiful bone-in steaks with our recipe for Spicy Ribeyes with Ginger-Orange Grilled Carrots!

Global-Inspired Barbecue Offers On-Trend Opportunity

From Texas to the Carolinas, and Memphis to St. Louis, there’s no denying Americans’ love of barbecue. These days, however, the definition of barbecue is expanding as ethnic cuisine takes center stage. While regional American barbeque is popular, African and Asian barbeque have had an increased presence on foodservice menus.

Easy Ways to Help Boost Customer Traffic

While good food, attentive service, value and convenience will always be important, a focus on current trends is important to increase traffic and drive sales. Today’s consumer is looking for more than just quality food and service; they expect healthy menu options, sustainable practices and up-to-date technology. Here are a few ways you can leverage these trends to help attract customers this spring.

How to Leverage the Marketing Power of Your Menu

You put a lot of time and effort into creating an effective menu. In fact, an effective and valuable menu can be one of your strongest marketing tools. Your guest’s dining experience starts with the menu. Not only does your menu influence your patrons’ first impressions, but it also provides insight into the restaurant’s concept and point of difference.

Simple Tips for a DIY Photoshoot

When people are deciding what to eat, they taste with their eyes first. And when they see your food online, the quality of the photography makes a huge difference in whether or not they choose your place. Does it look fresh? Flavorful? Premium? These tips from a photo pro help you get professional-looking images without hiring a photographer.

Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Case Study

Domino’s has managed to pull off a huge turnaround by using innovative marketing strategies that fused traditional advertising, social media, and public relations. Domino’s has been opening hundreds of new locations and profits are soaring. Morgan Stanley recently named it the “leader in US delivery pizza.” But just a few years ago, Domino’s was struggling to compete with Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. Executives made some crucial changes that turned around business…

Episode 19 – New Products, Glaze can Amaze, Tomato Butter, Claim your Business, and Beefy Opportunities!

In this week’s episode we revisit the conversation on dressing-up your dishes for extra appeal. Riding that good-flavors vibe we’ve got a recipe for Tomato Butter to share with you. We cover an important business-capturing strategy that you should be doing online. And we’ve got some fantastic beef purchasing opportunities coming that you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of while you can.