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Carrabassett Coffee is a small-batch specialty roaster. They offer wholesale Maine-roasted coffee for restaurants, convenience store and foodservice operations, in Maine and New Hampshire, through Dennis Paper & Food Service.

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Serving great coffee to extraordinary people since 1916. While many things have changed over the decades, their commitment to quality has never wavered.

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The UniPro organization is the nation’s #1 Foodservice distribution network for the industry’s leading national brands. This superior buying leverage is passed on to you. We buy better, so you buy better. It is also reflected in the high standards of quality in every case purchased.

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Serving New England’s Top Performing School Food Programs Dennis Paper & Food Service provides years of experience, personal service and in-depth product knowledge to school food programs.

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We’ve put together an assortment of our best-selling breakfast items, rebates and recipes! Looking for more? We have dozens of other options and varieties available in our inventory, ask your Account Executive for suggestions!

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Each month we’re featuring a specially selected dessert of the month. These are available in limited quantities so act fast to secure yours. When these premium desserts are gone they’re gone. If you’re interested in offering your customers the best in unique, seasonally focused desserts, ask your Account Executive about the dessert of the month – every month!

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Dennis Paper & Food Service maintains a fully stocked inventory of restaurant and foodservice products. We often stock multiple options in key categories to supply the many unique needs of operators in Maine & New Hampshire.

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For many food service operations coffee is hands down one of the highest food cost items that we consistently waste on a daily basis. Even though each brew comes at a premium it tends to be the item that usually gets poured down the drain…

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It’s no surprise that the overall coffee market is growing. Driving this growth is the quality of coffee and the options for customization available to customers. New formats and varieties are emerging as coffee continues to resonate with consumers…

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Few would dispute that 2020 has been a hellacious year for the foodservice industry. While promises of a vaccine offer hope things will turn around, there’s still a long road to recovery…

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It seems that every shift to the restaurant landscape brings with it a list of questions: What is the next hot flavor trend to watch? Which segment truly owns convenience? What is today’s definition of health? What type of technology is up and coming next?

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The craft beer selection can be a major draw for customers at casual dining operations. In fact, in just 4 years craft beer has grown 16% on menus compared to domestic and imported beers that are declining. But beer isn’t all guests are looking for. Seventy-one percent want complementary foods that go with those beers.

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Christmas marketing isn’t limited to just the immediate holiday but includes your winter menu changes, catering services, increased promotions of cookies, cakes, pies, pastries and side dishes for holiday meals, holiday party bookings and gift card sales. You have a great opportunity to attract new customers, show your chef’s skills in preparing holiday favorites and exotic foods from other countries and cultures, and host special tasting events that attract convivial crowds.

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Compared with the national obsession with all-things-coffee, the tea category has received considerably less attention. In spite of its growth, it is less understood in today’s market, leaving a large unmet need to educate consumers about this popular beverage option…

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Breakfast is the fastest-growing meal of the day! In fact, breakfast visits increased 4% for the year ending in May 2015, according to NPD, while lunch and dinner visits were flat. Despite that, Technomic data indicate that it’s also the most skipped meal, due to consumer issues of time, desire for lighter options and affordability. Addressing those concerns and doing it better than the competition means more opportunity to build sales and satisfy patrons.

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Operators who innovate with new, unique ingredients and all-day breakfast programs find opportunity to drive breakfast sales with premium to-go options and innovative and indulgent dishes that capitalize on the popularity of brunch.

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Just how popular is cold brew coffee? We’ve got the stats. What makes cold brew different? We’ll help you understand the steep. What’s the biggest hurdle for foodservice operators? We’ll tell you and share the solution in this episode! If you’ve been pondering how to prepare better pizzas with quality ingredients, how to expand your menu with new flavors and combinations — and most importantly – how to produce more profit from your pies you need to tune into this episode!

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Restaurant Business Online just published an article that discusses what restaurants can expect to see as influences in 2018. We’re going to discuss some of the insights they’ve shared, and we’ve provided a link to the full article. We’re also taking a look at a couple items making headlines recently, wild Maine blueberries and everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage – coffee! We’ve got those topics and a slew of recent inventory additions to share with you in this week’s podcast!

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In this weeks episode we’re talking coffee, with recent news on the health benefits of coffee giving frequent consumers reason to celebrate. Plus, there’s hot news for cold brew, the math is in and there’s opportunity and profit with this on-trend coffee item. We’ve also got fries, and every imaginable type of potato product! The team at Dennis is ready to find just the right one to your business needs! So, grab your ketchup and dive into episode 22 of Dennis Knows Food.

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In this weeks episode of Dennis Knows Food we focus some of the spotlight on New England, with 3 of our 12 latest inventory additions coming from right here in Maine. We’re also putting some emphasis on produce, with Chris Webster, one of our Dennis Account Executives joining us for a discussion on “veggie perceptions.” Heating up alcohol sales with cold brew coffee and more!

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Foodservice operators take tremendous pride in their kitchens and equipment. Now that we’re through the hectic pace of the summer season now is a good time to clean equipment and ensure everything is in proper working order. And, if you’re looking for some fall-food inspiration we’ve assembled a list on our website featuring some of our favorite fall items. There’s even a section dedicated to all things pumpkin, with over a dozen different pumpkin related products.

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